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Self-portrait of the artist Trevor Leach standing in a foggy landscape.

Welcome to Mallow Rose Cottage!


My name is Trevor Leach. I’m a writer, editor, and artist rooted in the Appalachian Mountains, as well as the founder of Mallow Rose.

My story:

Growing up in a swamp named Loxahatchee, I passed much of my childhood reading and venturing into the wild. Ever since graduating from University of Central Florida in 2015 with a BA in English Literature, I have built a career on my passion for writing. 


That summer, I moved to Colorado to begin working as a technical writer in the cannabis industry, while supplementing my income with a position at Denver Art Museum. I went on to continue my studies at University of Colorado Denver, where in 2021 I earned a BFA in Art Practices with a minor in Art History.


During that period, I began writing for a student-led newspaper called The Sentry. In the darkest depths of the ongoing pandemic, I wrote articles on various topics and served as their copy editor.


After graduating once again, I moved to Asheville (Togiyasdi, ancestral lands of the Cherokee) and founded Mallow Rose as a freelance writing business, art studio, and publishing house with two feline assistants named Lilith and Willow.

In addition to self-publishing several books and handmade zines, my own artworks have been on display at RedLine Contemporary Art Center, Pirate Contemporary Art, Emmanuel Gallery, and more. I have also provided assistance to art galleries with research, curation, and installation of exhibitions, and I recently worked on the editorial team of Paperbark Magazine.

My services:

If you have a publication, a business, a blog, a website, a social media page, or even a book, I’m here to help you!


Below you will find more details about different services I can offer to make sure you attain your desired goals. If any of these sound like your needs, contact me and we’ll start working on how to make it happen right away. 

Content writing: Are you hoping to draw more attention to your website, or struggling to find the time to keep it updated? I’m happy to help with your online presence, integrating all the right keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your site indexes on Google and elsewhere. 


Blogging: Do you need help with your blog? As with content writing, having a blog and keeping it updated will profoundly improve traffic to your brand, website, and social media pages while establishing you as a leading voice in your field.


Copy editing: Do you have a rough draft that needs polishing? Leave your worries to me when it comes to spelling, grammar, wording, fact-checking, and more. I obsess over the details, making the most of my perfectionist tendencies, and I strive to preserve the voice of every author. I track every edit and will communicate with you about all substantive changes.


Proofreading: Do you need another set of eyes to ensure your content is ready to share? Although not quite as extensive a process as copy editing, hiring a proofreader like me to perform a final check on spelling and grammatical mistakes is an essential step to publishing quality written content as perfectly as possible.

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