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Easter Eggs. Good Friday, 2021.

Creation and destruction are illusions of the same force. Made for Good Friday 2021, these Easter Eggs make a playful commentary on resistance to fascism. I originally became inspired by a historic image from the Second World War of American soldiers holding bombs that were painted with the words "Easter Eggs for Hitler" and other similar phrases. While the United States fought against the Nazis, Adolph Hitler actually looked to American history for guidance, and some of his officials eventually went on to high-ranking positions in the United States government after the war. By attempting to exterminate Indigenous people, as well as Black folks and others, the US and its supporters have committed some of the most heinous acts in all of history.


As a descendant of Irish and other Celtic immigrants, I see a connection with the ongoing troubles of colonialism. Easter marks a symbolic holiday for Ireland, as the date of the 1916 Uprising (which led to independence from the UK) and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement (which helped ease decades of tension). Each of the eggs display a basic style reminiscent of children painting eggs for Easter, but given the context of recent American history they also carry a much heavier weight. Each of these Easter Eggs represent the enduring fight against American fascism, and that artists operate on the avant-garde to advance society. 

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