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M a l l o w   R o s e   S t u d i o

Artist Statement

Like a web of roots, my artworks investigate the many stories that lay buried in the landscape. I have an interdisciplinary creative practice that combines various media to communicate my intentions. Planted at the intersection of arts and crafts, religion and science, I study and listen to nature to give back through acts of creation.


My process and choice of materials depend on the meaning behind each project, with interests in sculpture, installation, painting, drawing, collage, zines, photography, and more. I often forage materials from the wild, thrift shops, and trash heaps to make artifacts of the present. 


During this era of interwoven crises, I search for the sublime in the changing seasons, the rewilding ecosystems, and the strife of living in the contemporary world. My inspiration springs from history along with myth and folklore, looking deep into the past to envision a better future where all people exist in community with our environment.

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